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Granger’s statement on MUS CaRMS concerns

Taneille Johnson of UBC’s Medical Undergraduate Society (MUS) wrote Dr. Avery and asked him to weigh in on the speculation that CaRMS may be opening up the first round match process to include International Medical Graduates (IMGs).

Dr. Avery’s response to Ms. Johnson can be found here on the web site.


Granger writes open letter to all BC physicians

Granger has addressed a personal letter to all BC physicians, asking them for support to bring meaningful change to healthcare provision across the nation.

An excerpt from the letter:

January 15, 2015

Dear Colleagues,

Are you concerned about the direction health care is taking in Canada? About your ability to provide for your patients?

Despite the hard work you are doing for your patients each and every day, a system that is cherished by Canadians from coast to coast is no longer keeping pace. Recently, the Commonwealth Fund has reported that Canada has slipped to 10th out of 11 Western Nations’ Health systems.

I believe we must do better, and I think the CMA has an indispensable role in reversing the trend and improving the system for all Canadians. That’s why I am asking for your support in my bid to become President-Elect of the CMA.

Read the full letter here


Granger talks BC physician shortage with CBC Radio

Dr. David Snadden, Executive Associate Dean, Education with UBC Faculty of Medicine, and Granger were both interviewed by CBC Radio’s BC Almanac on January 6  about the shortage of physicians in BC.

(physician shortage segment starts at 23:35)


Granger contributes to proposal to BC Gov’t re: primary and rural health care

Granger is one of several contributors from UBC who have produced  the BC Pathfinder Plan for Primary and Rural Health Care: An Integrated Approach to Health Care Sustainability.

From the executive summary:

“This proposal to the BC Legislatureʼs Select Standing Committee on Health outlines a systematic approach to simultaneously act, gather, and evaluate evidence for the best pathways forward that enable British Columbiansʼ to be responsive to our diverse and changing health care needs, and to care for one another in ways that meet the goals of improved health in a sustainable and cost effective manner.”

Read it now


Ahousat Gathering, Summer 2014

Granger attended UBC’s community consultation with residents of Ahousat, BC in August 2014. Several key representatives from UBC, Island Health Authority, the Rural Education Action Plan (REAP) and Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc), along with medical residents and students were invited to hear what the community of Ahousat had to say about healthcare in their village.

Granger’s experience of and response to the Gathering was captured in an interview at the event site.