MUS CaRMS concerns

The UBC Medical Undergraduate Society (MUS) sent Dr. Avery an email asking him to weigh in on the issue of including IMGs in the first round of CaRMS matching.

Dr. Avery’s reply to MUS President, Ms. Teneille Johnson, follows below, and his full position statement on the CaRMS/IMG concerns is available as a PDF.

Hi Taneille,

Thank you for your keen interest in the election.

I understand that this is an important issue to your membership and I am pleased to share my perspective.  I am keenly aware of the current constraints in the system and have, as a rural practitioner and BCMA President, seen the issues unfold first-hand.  In my career, I have worked to resolve this strain by advancing programs such as support for UBC student and resident programs through REAP and the JSC, the BC Physician Integration Program, the Rural Residency program, seven years serving on the UBC Admissions Selection committee and my personal involvement in teaching for 30 years.

It is essential, and I will advocate to ensure that Canadians who pursue their education within Canada are provided with all necessary opportunities at home.  I also intend to vigorously pursue the issues around relief from student debt.

Over the last few years as Co-Chair of the Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues and Executive Director of the Rural Coordination Centre of BC I have been able to bring many of these issues to the fore. Through JSC programming, RCCbc and REAP financial and administrative support we have worked hard to ensure that Canadian students excel and that Canadians have adequate medical resources.  This has most recently extended to preparation for application to Medical School through the Selkirk College U/G program.

Should you or your colleagues wish to discuss this matter or others with me, I would love to do so and take the conversations further.

My contact information can be found via my website:

President, Canadian Medical Association (CMA)